Emergency Alerts

Citizens and businesses can sign up for emergency alert messages using the links below, and receive alerts about emergencies on their voice and text devices.

How it Works
In Arapahoe County, this service is provided by the Arapahoe County E-911 Authority. In Aurora, this service is provided by the City of Aurora Citizen Alert System. When there is need to notify citizens about an emergency or potential safety concern, messages will be sent to all standard voice and text communication devices (land line, mobile, email, text messaging, pager, fax, etc.) that you have registered in the system.

Please note that residents and businesses with land line phones are already listed in Arapahoe County and Aurora's 9-1-1 databases and do not need to be registered.

This system will not be used for weather alerts because it cannot be guaranteed as to the timeliness or accuracy of such alerts. There are a variety of other media outlets (TV and radio stations, and weather-related Web sites and alerts) that can provide this service in a timelier manner.

Sign Up for Emergency Alerts

If you would like to register voice and text devices for emergency alerts, please use the links below. All information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.