Traffic Operations Goals

Goals established for traffic operations activities include the following:
  • Manage the existing transportation system to ensure safe and efficient operation through participation in the Traffic Signal Control System as part of the National Intelligent Transportation System architecture.
  • Respond in a timely manner to the public and other jurisdictional entities in matters of traffic safety, traffic trends, transportation plans and planning efforts.
  • Maintain and enhance where possible the basic accessibility and efficient mobility for present and future residents of the county and surrounding jurisdictions, by continually evaluating strategies for upgrading the existing traffic signal capabilities to match real-time traffic patterns / volumes.
  • Guide improvement programs to ensure a continuing review and update of transportation facility needs and classification.
  • Provide appropriate direction to land developers such that all new developments have proper signal, sign and striping components in their traffic control plans.
  • Continue to implement the programs within the neighborhoods to more effectively address localized traffic related concerns.
  • Make timely amendments to the transportation plan as needed to maximize multi-department, multi-jurisdictional and region-wide transportation opportunities.