Applications for Community Corrections

The Community Corrections Board screens applications and makes recommendations to the courts whether an offender or inmate is eligible for placement in a local community corrections program. Offenders enter community corrections either as a direct sentence for a criminal offense or probation violation (known as diversion), or as a condition of re-entry after serving a prison sentence (known as transition). The courts, Department of Corrections and community corrections facilities make the ultimate decision of whether an inmate or offender is approved for placement.

Criteria for Placement

When considering an application, the Community Corrections Board reviews the details of the crime, offender background and conduct, and any victim statements. The board assesses if an applicant would benefit from treatment and supervision offered in community corrections, or if the placement would create a threat to public safety. View our Community Corrections Board brochure for more information.

Victim Statements

Victims of a Victim Rights Act (VRA) crime have the right to make an oral statement to the board at the time of review.  Oral statements must be kept to 3-5 minutes.  Written statements should be submitted in advance of the review.  Audio recordings, videos, and photographs are not permitted.