Compensation Claim Process

The claim process can be overwhelming. These steps are an outline of a typical claim process.

Step 1: Initial Appointment With Vso

  • Determine eligibility
  • Identify issues for claim
  • Prepare evidence checklist
  • Submit Intent to File (ITF) if necessary

Step 2: Gather Evidence

  • Order service records
  • Obtain private medical evidence
  • Confirm current diagnosis of disabilities

Step 3: Follow-up Appointment

  • Review evidence and prepare application
  • Discuss claims process with VSO
  • Submit Fully-Developed Claim (FDC)

Step 4: Veteran Notification

  • If notified by VA for additional information, call VSO promptly
  • If no notification from VA for additional information, wait for C&P exam notification

Step 5: Veteran C&P Appointments - VERY IMPORTANT, YOU MUST ATTEND

  • A Compensation and Pension (C&P) Examination is usually required to confirm diagnosis, provide nexus to service and evaluate severity of impairment
  • May be scheduled by a VA medical facility or VA-contracted medical provider (VES or QTC)
  • If you miss or cannot attend your appointment, please call VSO immediately

Step 6: Claim Adjudication

  • VA Rater considers C&P exam results and all other evidence to render a decision

Step 7: Veteran Receives Rating Decision

  • VA sends Rating Decision and Award Notification by mail
  • Contact VSO promptly to review Rating Decision (Note: this is a time-sensitive document)
Download the claim process chart for easy reference.

Please contact the Arapahoe County Veterans Service Office for more information.