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Engineering Review and Approval
Civil Engineering Review
The Engineering Services Division provides civil engineering review for all Planning and Building land use referrals. This review assesses impacts to public infrastructure systems resulting from proposed land development activities within unincorporated Arapahoe County. 

The overall review provides an evaluation of the impacts of the proposed development on existing infrastructure, including roadways, traffic systems, and storm drainage facilities. If the infrastructure cannot accommodate the impacts created by the development, the Engineering Services Division recommends land use applicants upgrade the infrastructure system to offset these impacts. 

Several of the goals sought during review include:
  • Ensure that land development projects comply with sound engineering and construction standards in that all public safety, health and welfare issues are addressed
  • Address concerns of property owners, groups, organizations and associations that may be potentially impacted by new development
  • Participate in and facilitate problem resolution of adverse impacts through proactive discussions with the developer prior to approval of projects
  • Ensure that development pays for the infrastructure / services that are needed to mitigate impacts created by the proposed project
  • Coordinate with the County Attorney's Office to ensure that applicable legal agreements are executed to guarantee the installation, performance and timeliness of the required public improvements
  • Coordinate with the County Attorney's office to ensure that appropriate right-of-way and easements are dedicated to ensure proper and adequate maintenance is provided

Application for Review and Approval Form 581
Application for Review and Approval GESC Form 403