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Arapa-STAT is a performance management process launched by the Arapahoe County Department of Human Services in 2013 that is focused on real-time data and performance goals. It is modeled after the Colorado Department of Human Services’ C-STAT program

Weekly Meetings
Arapa-STAT involves weekly meetings where the Human Services leadership team analyzes a division's performance on key measures, identifies positive trends and opportunities for improvement, and discusses next steps to advance desired outcomes.

Through this transparent and interactive discussion, Arapahoe County Human Services can use timely data to make informed decisions about resources, processes, technology and personnel. The process will help the Department to achieve measurable goals and meet its strategic objectives to improve trust in government, customer experience and quality of life for its citizens.

Performance Tracking
Since 2009, the Department of Human Services has tracked its performance on mandatory and voluntary measures using a scorecard as part of the County’s Align Arapahoe strategic plan. By expanding that effort to include Arapa-STAT meetings, the Department can delve deeper into data trends and align its improvement efforts with areas identified as a priority for Colorado through C-STAT. This is important because Arapahoe County is the state’s third-largest county by population, and serves human services caseloads that are large enough to impact statewide performance. 

Meeting Schedule
Arapa-STAT meetings are held at least three times per month, each focused on one of the following:

  • Community Support Services Division: Food, financial and medical assistance benefits
  • Children, Youth and Family Services: Child protection, adolescent services and adult protection
  • Child Support Enforcement Division: Child support services
  • Optional: Held at director’s discretion for Finance, Human Resources or other programs.

For more information, please contact Jessica Gapuzan, Performance Management Analyst at 303-636-1848.