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Marriage License
A Marriage License may be issued in any Colorado county and used in any county in the State of Colorado. Applicants do not need to be residents of Colorado (except in the case of a proxy marriage.) Arapahoe County is now issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples at all of our branch locations.

You may apply for a license at four locations in Arapahoe County. The license is issued the day it is applied for and may be used immediately. The license must be signed within 35 days from the date of issue, and returned to our Littleton office only for recording within 63 days of marriage.

A marriage may be solemnized by judges, retired judges, magistrates, Indian tribe officials and clergy, or by the couple themselves. A friend or relative may not solemnize the marriage unless they are a judge or clergy.

Age Requirements
  • The legal age without parental consent is 18 years of age.
  • If age 16 or 17, written and notarized Parental Consent Form signed by both parents, the parent with legal custody, or the legal guardian is required.
  • Applicants 15 years of age or younger must obtain a court order granting judicial approval as well as complying with the above requirements. The court order must be obtained in the county where judicial approval has been granted.

All applicants must follow these three steps to apply, complete and record their marriage license.

STEP ONE: Apply for a Marriage License
Learn about the requirements and what to bring to apply for a marriage license.

STEP TWO: Complete Your Marriage License and Certificate
After you have applied for and received a marriage license and certificate, follow these instructions to properly complete the certificate at your marriage.

STEP THREE: Record Your Marriage License
You must return the completed marriage license and certificate for recording within 63 days of the marriage. Learn how and where to record the document.