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Emissions Information

Colorado has established vehicle emissions testing programs to protect our air quality. Requirements and testing frequency varies.

Gas and Hybrid Vehicles
Gas and hybrid vehicles are exempt from emissions testing for the first seven (7) model years. (However, if you are buying and registering a vehicle that has reached 7 years, even if the 7th year is not complete, you will need an emissions test.)

  - Vehicles from 1982 and newer require an enhanced emissions test  every other year at a cost of $25
  - Vehicles from 1981 or older must be tested every year at a cost of $15.

See the Gas Emissions Program for more information on requirements. Call Air Care Colorado at 303-456-7090 or visit for testing locations and details.

Diesel Vehicles
Diesel vehicles are exempt from emissions testing for the first four (4) model years.
  - Vehicles that are ten (10) model years or newer must be inspected every other year.
  - Vehicles that are eleven (11) model years or older must be inspected every year.

See the Diesel Emissions Program or call call 303-744-2522 for more information. Testing is available through various private companies, and fees vary.