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Born February 2004           Photo by Susan English

Jayonte is a very sweet, good-natured child who is engaging and funny. He is generally cooperative and polite and can be very thoughtful of others. Jayonte takes a little while to warm up to new people but once he does, he is able to form close relationships. Jayonte likes being active and playing outside. He enjoys playing basketball, riding his RipStick or a bike or running. He also likes science, electronics, playing video games, and watching TV. Jayonte likes pets and does well with them. He is Christian and has enjoyed attending church. 

Jayonte is in regular classes although he does benefit from extra support and attention in school. Jayonte needs a family who can be involved with his school and can spend time helping him with homework so he can catch up. He is smart and has the potential to do well if he puts his mind to it. Jayonte participates in therapeutic services, which will need to continue.

Jayonte needs a loving, understanding foster-adoptive family who can provide consistency, structure, and positive attention. It is very important for Jayonte to maintain a relationship with his siblings and other connections so a family in Colorado is needed.

For more information, please contact Natalie Coronado at . Thank you!

To watch Jayonte's video, please click here!