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Born February 2002

Brandon is a generally happy and engaging young man who wants to do well.  He is fun-loving and enthusiastic and has a good sense of humor.  Brandon likes playing outside, playing basketball, riding his bike, and swimming.  He also enjoys bowling, playing games, and most family activities.  Brandon likes trying new things and being adventurous.  He had the opportunity to try rock climbing and indoor sky-diving and loved them!  He also likes to play video games and watch sports.  He has enjoyed art and music at school.  He does well with and really likes pets.  

Brandon benefits from an Individualized Education Plan at school for social support and assistance with staying on task.  He can do well with schoolwork but does best with extra help especially with organizational skills.

Brandon needs a strong, nurturing, structured family who can provide individual attention, understanding, and supervision.  He participates in therapeutic services, which will need to continue.  He has enjoyed attending church and participating in the youth group.  It is important for Brandon to be able to maintain an ongoing relationship with his older brother.  Brandon is legally freed for adoption. 

For more information, please contact Mindy Kugler at 303-636-1661 or
.  Thank you!

To watch Brandon's video, please check out this link!