Comprehensive Plan and SubArea Plans

Comprehensive Plan Update

Arapahoe County Planning Staff has completed a full review of the policies, goals, and strategies of the 2001 Comprehensive Plan (as most recently amended).

The public review period has ended. The  Draft Comprehensive Plan is available for review, along with staff recommended changes. The Comprehensive Plan was approved by the Planning Commission on January 9, 2018, effective February 12, 2018, with a few additional changes and the final version of the Comprehensive Plan will be posted in the next few weeks. 

Plan Documents 

The Arapahoe County Planning Commission adopted a county-wide Comprehensive Plan and the following sub-area plans. Please note these plans are NOT currently under review:

  • Byers Sub-Area Plan. Byers is an unincorporated rural town center located 36 miles east of Aurora along I-70.
  • Four Square Mile Sub-Area Plan. Four Square Mile Area is an unincorporated enclave between Denver and Aurora bounded by Mississippi Avenue, Dayton Street, Yale Avenue, and Quebec Street.
  • Lowry Range Sub-Area Plan. The Lowry Range is a 40 square mile area of State Land Board land east of Aurora Reservoir at the southern boarder of Arapahoe County.
  • Strasburg Sub-Area Plan. Strasburg, is a small, unincorporated rural town center located 30 miles east of Aurora along I-70.
The Arapahoe County Comprehensive Plan provides guidance for land use decisions for the unincorporated areas of the county. The Sub-Area Plans provide more guidance for specific areas of the county. Each of these documents are subject to review and amendment by the Planning Commission. The consideration of amendments is governed by Chapter V: Implementation Approach of the Comprehensive Plan.


The Demographics web page provides information about the County and several subareas within the County. The information in the reports comes from a variety of sources, including the US Census, American Community Survey, Colorado State Demography Office, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, and the US Department of Agriculture, and is periodically updated as new information is available.