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Posted on: December 21, 2017

A/D Works! joins Colorado Education Association to address teacher shortages in Colorado


CENTENNIAL, CO --- Arapahoe/Douglas Works! was contacted by Kevin Hougen, President of the Aurora Chamber of Commerce, and a member of Arapahoe/Douglas Workforce Development Board, to work with Jill Cullis, a teacher with Aurora Public Schools and National Teacher Fellow with Hope Street Group, and Amie Baca-Wehlert of the Colorado Education Association, to discuss solutions on how to make teaching a cool profession again.

Arapahoe/Douglas Works! partnered with this group to come up with innovative ways to explore working with workforce development centers to help guide passionate, dedicated, and committed job seekers into the education profession.

Through these discussions Arapahoe/Douglas Works! was asked to pull together a profile on the K-12 education industry in the greater metro Denver region which emphazied trends in teacher demand by type and subject.

This profile was presented Dec. 5 by Arapahoe/Douglas Works! economist Patrick Holwell at the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. Holwell was joined by Sen. Nancy Todd, Douglas County Commissioner Lora Thomas, a group of educators, the Colorado Education Association, and workforce board to review the research.

Research for this profile revealed several significant gaps contributing to the increase in teacher shortages. There are not enough new teachers entering the field each year to replace retirees and fill new jobs for entry-level teachers.

As we are facing a critical teacher shortage in Colorado as well as across the nation, it is important that we come together to ensure that every child, regardless of zip code, has access to a high quality public education.

To learn more about the K-12 Teacher Industry Profile visit:

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