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Arapahoe County News

Posted on: May 17, 2017

Arapahoe County citizen satisfaction survey gives high marks for quality of life, overall direction

Arapahoe County residents overwhelmingly enjoy their quality of life and give high marks to their county government with 76 percent rating the overall direction that Arapahoe County is taking as “excellent” or “good”, according to the results of a recent survey conducted by the National Research Center.

Residents also gave high marks for Arapahoe County as a place to live with 82 percent rating it excellent or good.

“Getting feedback from our constituents is important to us as we use this information to set our goals, priorities and to address any areas of concern,” said Commissioner Nancy Sharpe, who serves as Board Chair. “We are extremely pleased to see that we made improvements in several areas that we’ve worked hard to address since 2014 and to see that residents are overwhelmingly satisfied with Arapahoe County.”

In 2017, 3,000 randomly-selected households in Arapahoe County were asked for their perceptions of their community and county government when they received a copy of Arapahoe County’s Citizen Survey in the mail.

Of the households contacted, 706 completed the survey providing a response rate of 24 percent. The survey margin of error is plus or minus 4 percent around any given percentage point.

Arapahoe County conducted the mail survey to get citizen feedback and perceptions on their quality of life, county priorities and services, economic outlook and overall government performance.

It is the third time the County has conducted a mail survey. The first mail survey was conducted in 2008 with a follow-up survey conducted in 2014. The County saw positive gains in a variety of areas since 2014, including:

    • The job Arapahoe County does at welcoming citizen involvement (55 percent)
    • The job Arapahoe County does at being responsive to residents (67 percent)
    • Overall quality of Arapahoe County services (63 percent)
    • Overall confidence in Arapahoe County government (68 percent)
    • Overall image or reputation of Arapahoe County (69 percent)

Of those who responded to the survey, six out of 10 respondents said they had contact with a County department or office and were asked to rate the overall customer service they received. Overall, residents viewed the customer service they received favorably, with 73 percent rating it as “excellent” or “good,” a similar rating to what was observed in 2014 and to other communities across the country.

The overall quality of life in Arapahoe County was rated as “excellent” or “good” by 78 percent of respondents, a two-point increase from 2014 and a three-point increase from 2008. About 84 percent say they plan on staying in Arapahoe County for the next five years and 87 percent would recommend living in Arapahoe County to someone who asks.

The survey serves as a gauge for Align Arapahoe, the County’s strategy and performance scorecard that has transfored Arapahoe County to be a data-driven, transparent organization focused on results.

When asked about the importance of the six focus areas of Align Arapahoe: healthy economic environment, safe communities and healthy and vibrant county – three areas were rated “essential” or “very important” at 93 percent, 94 percent and 92 percent, respectively.

Copies of the County’s 2017 Citizen Survey, along with results of previous surveys, is available for review at
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