Before Foreclosure

Viewing a Property Before the Foreclosure Sale

  • You may not force the homeowner to let you see the property.
  • Assessors details about the property: Property Search (Residential, Commercial, Agricultural and Vacant Land Parcels).
  • You can drive by the property.
  • If the property is listed by a real estate agent, you can arrange to see the property through the listing agent.

Delay Due to Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy by the owner of the property stays the foreclosure until the automatic stay is lifted or the bankruptcy court abandons the property or the bankruptcy case is dismissed or closed. The foreclosure sale extends week to week until the Bankruptcy Court takes action.

Owner Information

Ownership of a property sold at auction will not transfer away until at least eight business days after the actual foreclosure sale, which may occur at a date later than the initial sale date indicated on the Combined Notice issued by the Public Trustee.There is no reason to vacate your home prior to the actual foreclosure sale.