Victim Assistance Program

The Victim Assistance Program is dedicated to providing help to citizens who have been victimized or otherwise traumatized within our community. The Victim Assistance Program consists of one coordinator, two staff advocates and community volunteers. (Once a year, a Victim Assistance Academy takes place for new volunteers. For more information, call 720-874-4038). At any given moment you might find a volunteer at a residence, providing crises intervention to the parents of a runaway teen, in a high school classroom talking about dating violence, or accompanied by a uniformed deputy making a death notification. 

The Victim Assistance Program has a two-fold mission. First, and foremost, they provide support to the victims and their families during the chaos following a traumatic event. They are resourceful and able to assess a situation so that the best possible assistance may be provided to the victims. Secondly, members assist with the emotional needs of the victim and family so that deputies, investigators and other emergency personnel may perform their duties. Program members serve as liaison between the victim and the people who are charged with the responsibility of investigating the scene. If victim assistance is needed, please call the Communications Section at 303-795-4711. 

Many times, a victim’s healing process is helped with the intervention of a professional. If you would like to talk to someone about your victimization, call the Victim Assistance Program at 720-874-4038 for a referral, or call any of the agencies listed below. They are dedicated to making sure your needs are met. 

Helpful Phone Numbers:

Victim Assistance Program Email 720-874-4038
18th Judicial District Attorney's Office 720-874-8500
Victim Compensation Program 720-874-8500
Rape Assistance and Awareness 303-322-7273 or 720-489-8177
Gateway Battered Women's Services 303-343-1851 or 303-343-1856
Project Safeguard 303-799-3977 or 303-863-7416
Department of Human Services 303-636-1130
Asian Pacific Development Center 303-393-0304
Servicios de La Raza 303-458-5851
Colorado Legal Services 303-837-1321
Arapahoe/Douglas Mental Health Center 303-730-8858 or 303-730-3303 (Crisis)
Angel Eyes - SIDS 303-320-7771

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