Sale Information

Foreclosure Sales

The Arapahoe County Public Trustee holds foreclosure sales at 10 a.m. Wednesdays in the East Hearing Room of the County Administration Building, 5334 South Prince Street, Littleton, Colorado.

Per Colorado State Statutes, written bids from the beneficiary (lender) must be received no later than two business days before the Public Trustee Sale along with a granted Order Authorizing Sale from the court.

Court Action

The court takes a separate action from the Public Trustee proceedings and is conducted under Rule120 of the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure. The only issue addressed in this action is whether there is reasonable probability of default under the Note and Deed of Trust and justification to exercise the Power of Sale allowed the beneficiary in the Deed of Trust.

If a written bid from the lender is not received timely for a foreclosure set to go to sale, the foreclosure sale is continued for at least one week.

Viewing Foreclosure Listings

A listing of all foreclosures going to sale each Wednesday is available for viewing in the office of the Arapahoe County Public Trustee or online Monday evenings by approximately 3 p.m. The listings may be updated continuously right up to the sale time, as sales are continued, withdrawn, stayed by bankruptcy etc. After the foreclosure sale on Wednesday afternoon, the website will be updated as well to show all properties sold at the sale. View Foreclosure Reports online.

If you prefer a paper copy, the list is available in our office for a fee of $.25 per page. Pre-sale lists are available on Mondays after 3 p.m. Post-sale lists are available on Wednesdays after 1 p.m.