Roads and Traffic

Arapahoe County provides critical connections for transportation network

Arapahoe County operates and maintains roads that are critical pieces of the overall network helping drivers get around, contributing to alleviating congestion and ensuring shorter response times in emergency situations. For perspective, Arapahoe County workers maintain 1,162 lane miles of roads every day. That’s the driving distance from Littleton to Nashville. Put another way, Arapahoe County residents drive an average of 8.1 million miles each day. That’s 2,900 trips from New York to Los Angeles every day.

In recent surveys, you said your top priority is for Arapahoe County to work on traffic congestion. That’s not surprising. County roads have experienced a rapid increase in traffic based on the nearly 75 percent increase in population in the county as well as population growth in nearby counties. In fact, 34 percent of county roads experience three or more hours of congestion each day and 54 percent of the county’s major roads are considered highly congested.

At the same time, Arapahoe County has struggled with maintenance on existing roads. The condition of about 41 percent of Arapahoe County’s roads are considered poor or very poor. Reconstructing roads costs 10 times more than keeping them properly maintained.

You can learn more about Arapahoe County Public Works, the county department charged with managing and maintaining roads and bridges as well as a host of other transportation infrastructure including sidewalks and street lights.

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